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How to Reprogram Your Mind for Happiness

Your thoughts become your reality. Recurring negative thought patterns can lead to an unhappy life, but it’s simple to reprogram your mind for happiness. When we’re anxious about something or when we’re replaying past experiences it’s easy to repeat fears, worries and negative thoughts over and over in our minds. Negative thinking habits are interconnected…
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Yogi Inspiration (Part two)

  Just a little inspiration from fellow yoga lovers to keep you going! ♡   She holds the record for the world’s oldest yoga teacher. Staying active helps you stay young!   An AMAZING life transformation with the help of yoga!   In the news: Columbia conflict victims and ex-militant guerilla fighters find healing through…
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Yogi Inspiration (Part one)

Sometimes we need a little motivation to get started with yoga or keep our practice going. Here are a few pieces of yogi inspiration to keep you moving this weekend.   Start your day off right with a little inspiration from Krista Marie Starr in her video Mornings.   In the news: 20 Reasons Why Yoga Heals |…
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