Heart Opening Yoga Sequence (Video)

Heart Opening Yoga Sequence (Video)

The word yoga means “union.” Yoga is a union of the mind, body and spirit, or the whole self. One way we can see the mind-body connection is through the manifestation of emotional pain in our bodies as physical pain or tension. For example, when you’re nervous, a typical bodily response is an upset stomach. Or, take for example, the reason for the word heartbreak: when we feel hurt by someone we love, our heart and chest feel tight, constricted and uncomfortable.

Through asana, the physical postures of yoga, we can use our bodies to bring the emotions stored in our bodies to the surface and release them. This 15 minute heart opening yoga sequence targets the shoulders, chest and spine to release stored up tension due to stress and sadness. This sequence is also beneficial for people who are experiencing tension from sitting at a desk throughout the day.

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